Investigating the therapeutic effects of actively playing music on chronic pain.

My name is Jason Sheridan. As part of my Master’s Thesis I am investigating the therapeutic effects of actively playing music on chronic pain. The research will involve a 6 week course of actively playing an instrument, guitar or drums. A weekly lesson will be provided by the researcher, who has over 15 years’ experience teaching  music. A booklet containing several scales regarding level of movement and self reported pain levels will be provided to the participant, to log after daily practice sessions. Further, an interview will be conducted after the course is completed to determine any differences is well being and pain levels. Additionally, the big five personality scale will be conducted both before and after the course as a sub research question to determine if chronic pain has an effect on personality.

Beginners with access to an instrument are preferred and Lessons will come at no cost for the participant. If you are interested in taking part or wish for more information please feel free to email me at or call on 087 9323987

Research Request: Feedback from people with Crohn’s Disease is required for Linguistic Validation Project

If you would like to earn €40 - and help secure a €10 donation for Crohn’s & Colitis Ireland - then you might be interested in this research project!

As part of a linguistic validation project, researchers are keen to speak to 4 adults and 1 teen (aged 16-17) living with Crohn’s Disease in Ireland. A linguistic validation project is used to help test the understanding of a questionnaire before it is used with a wider group of respondents.

Participants will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to help improve the accuracy and relevance of the questionnaire that is to be used as part of a wider project. If you were interested in taking part, you will not be asked to answer the questions but instead provide your feedback on the questions that are asked and whether you can fully understand what the question is asking. All feedback will be confidential and anonymised.

In order to take part in the study, you must be a native English speaker from Ireland. Ideally, researchers would like to speak to the five participants before the 17th May 2024 via Zoom (No download required).

Each participant will be compensated with €40 for approximately 30 minutes of their time and a donation of €10 will be made to Crohn’s & Colitis by researchers for each person who takes part.

If you were interested in helping with this study, or need further details about the study, email Cathal on

Taimoor Mounis