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Gutcast, the first podcast for people living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Ireland, developed by the CCI and Janssen Sciences Ireland UC, has returned for a third season.

Hosted by Amy Kelly, who lives with Crohn's disease, Gutcast features a range of guests including healthcare experts and people living with IBD, providing insights and advice on a range of topics. Watch introduction video

We hope that Gutcast will help you feel empowered to take control of your IBD. Remember you can contact us on our support line 01-5312983 or via email if you have any questions.

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1. The Future of IBD

In this live episode of Gutcast recorded at University College Dublin, host Amy Kelly is joined by panellists Prof. Glen Doherty, Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Centre for Colorectal Disease at St Vincent's University Hospital, UCD and Seb Tucknott, Founder of IBD Relief, a for-purpose company empowering people living with inflammatory bowel disease. Together they delve into the future of IBD care by discussing the latest updates in medical research plus the latest advancements in digital health which have the potential to positively impact the patient experience, allowing patients to better manage and understand their condition. They also share their own individual journeys living and working with IBD.

Released: 05 April 2023

1. Growing Up with Crohn's and Colitis

In this opening episode of Gutcast 3, we will delve into the difficulties of having a child diagnosed with IBD as well as the transition from childhood to adulthood while dealing with this long term and debilitating condition. Living with IBD during childhood and teenaged years has its own distinct challenges and stresses at times and it is a topic often not discussed. Transition from paediatric to adult care can also be daunting and appropriate support is needed.

In this episode we will hear Amy Kelly in conversation with a healthcare professional as well as those with real-life experience of supporting a child living with IBD as well as an adult diagnosed as a child.

Topics for discussion include when a family receives a diagnosis, dealing with flares, mental health including parental guilt, dealing with a change in your condition as you age, asking the right questions to your HCP and living well as well as transitioning from paediatric to adult care.

Released: 14 February 2022

2. Managing Milestones with IBD

People with Crohn’s and colitis can be faced with a much higher degree of stress and sickness when it comes to planning and attending life events. Weddings, parties, even a mid-week meal with friends can become a difficult and often flare inducing scenario. In this episode we will hear real-life experience of the stress and anxiety and how best to manage these moments, managing.

Released: 21 February 2022

3. Navigating the System with IBD

The challenges of living with IBD are well known but accessing key information and supports is often not an easy journey. In this episode, we will answer the questions those recently diagnosed and living with IBD want to know. From disability benefits and entitlements to the cost of medicine, it will also detail the key information and support services available to those living with IBD.

NOTE: As of 01 January 2022, the drugs payment scheme threshold has been reduced from €114 to €100 per month.

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Released: 28 February 2022

1. Family & Friends

Having Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis doesn’t just affect the person living with it, it can hugely impact the lives of their family and loved ones too. In this opening episode of the second season of Gutcast, we focus on the challenges faced by people with IBD and the valuable things family and friends can do to help them. It will also detail the information and support services available. Rachel Drury and her fiancé Des share their emotional story for the first time and how a life changing illness brought them closer together.

Released: 12 July 2021

2. Lifestyle

In this final episode, we will delve into the many ways that IBD can impact the lives of those living with it, but also the ways in which lifestyle can impact the treatment journey. We will hear our host Amy Kelly in conversation with healthcare professionals as well as those with real-life experience of living with IBD as they discuss important topics like mental health, self-image, pregnancy, and diet.

Released: 19 July 2021

3. Guided Meditation

Stress doesn’t cause ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease but left unaddressed, it can make symptoms worse. Mindfulness for those living with IBD is about the importance of attention and awareness. It also helps patients to manage symptoms and their treatment journey. This episode is a 15-minute guided session led by Dr Susan Brannick focusing on breathing and relaxation.

Released: 26 July 2021

4 . Surgery & Stoma

People with IBD can be faced with the decision between having stoma surgery or continuing to live with symptoms that can significantly impact their daily quality of life. In this episode, we will hear first-hand experience of a stoma surgery journey, the decision process and the supports that are available to patients. Radio presenter, Michael Hayes who lives with a stoma shares her journey from surgery to recovery and advice for others.

Released: 02 August 2021

GutCAST Trailer

The Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (ISCC) and Janssen Sciences Ireland UC have created a podcast series entitled Gutcast to educate and inform people living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The COVID Episode

"Coping with IBD during Covid-19" addresses the key questions and concerns people living with IBD have during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Anthony O'Connor, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Tallaght University Hospital and Dr Jennifer Wilson O'Raghallaigh, Principal Clinical Psychologist at Beaumont Hospital join host Amy Kelly, Director of the ISCC to discuss issues such as cocooning, hospital appointments and mental health.

Released: 13 July 2020

1. What I wish I’d known

Dr Anthony O’Connor Consultant Gastroenterologist, Tallaght University Hospital, addresses some of your questions and concerns if you are newly diagnosed with IBD.

Released: 13 July 2020

2. Your mental health

Dr Jennifer Wilson O’Raghallaigh, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Beaumont Hospital; and Prof Ted Dinan, Professor of Psychiatry and Principal Investigator in the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre at University College Cork, explain the impact of IBD on mental health and how to manage it. 

3. Managing your work and social life

Irish influencer Dearbhla Toal (aka Belle Azzure) and Occupational Therapist Deirdre O’Connor, St. James’s Hospital, discuss ways to balance studying, working and your social life with IBD, providing tips on how to manage stressful and busy periods in life. 

Released: 20 July 2020

4. Getting the most out of your appointments

Dr Aoibhlinn O’Toole, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Beaumont Hospital and Emma Anderson, IBD Nurse Specialist, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, give advice on how to get the most out of your appointments with your healthcare professionals 

Released: 27 July 2020

5. Relationships and sex

Natalya Price, Psychotherapist & Sex Therapist at Mind and Body Works, and Hannah Witton, who is living with Crohn’s disease and frequently discusses the impact on her own sex life, will help those with IBD overcome the concerns they may have of entering a new relationship or discussing the topic of sex with their partner. 

Released: 03 August 2020

6. Managing fatigue

Dr Anthony O’Connor Consultant Gastroenterologist, Tallaght University Hospital; Emer O’Shea, Senior Physiotherapist, St James Hospital Dublin; and Elaine Neary, Clinical Specialist Dietitian in Gastroenterology, Tallaght University Hospital, describe the fatigue that may occur with IBD, the cause of it, and suggested ways to manage it.

Released: 10 August 2020

7. Have the guts to speak up- Personal stories of Crohn’s and colitis

Listen to the personal stories of three people living with IBD.  Irish comedian Andréa Farrell, Munster and Irish rugby player John Ryan and former Monaghan Gaelic football player Andrew Kieran, talk about their experience of IBD.