By Jan Strozer

It Takes Guts to lose your guts!  I was just turning 18 and learned that my newly found “adulthood” would be celebrated with my first surgery.  A couple of weeks before this decision was made I had gotten the lead part in our school play and had been asked to the prom. (I was in the United States during my high school years.)  Things were going well and I was enjoying my school year despite my terrible health. 

It Took Guts and I performed in the play for the entire run of shows, the last one being two nights prior to my surgery.  It Took Guts and I walked into the hospital with the hope of feeling better when I walked out.  It Took Guts and I gave a smile when I noticed a big yellow smiley face painted on the ceiling above me when the anaesthesia kicked in.  It Took Guts and I remained strong while recovering from the abdominal surgery AND a punctured lung (cause by the IV main line).  It Took Guts and I danced the night away at Prom about 8 weeks later.